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Welcome to Hitch'd 3.0, Something Blue! 

Part wanderer, part festival, all bridal! A bridal experience sure to knock your socks off, give you the most Instagram worthy inspiration & be the raddest interactive bridal experience this side of the Mason-Dixon (okay, this side of the Kings River!). Think, a collaborative love child of some of the Valley's most creative vendors designing your Pinterest worthy real-life wedding.


We believe each venue boasts unlimited design opportunities & every vendor has a killer vision for making that happen, but you don't always get the opportunity to see those two collide in real life. Come get hitch'd with us and experience a styled YES! party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, ceremony, cocktail hour, welcome party, stag soiree (for the gents!) and reception spaces decked to the nines.


You'll get the opportunity to see what vendors can really create and experience how they pull off your dream shindig.

We're Hitch'n to The Manor Estate in Madera, Ca. on February 18, 2024!

What to Expect?

Hitch'd 3.0 

Something Blue

This isn't your customary bridal fest that has that "boothy" feel to it. We're running you through the entire planning process with:​

  • Bachelorette Party

  • Bridal Shower

  • Welcome Party

  • Ceremony

  • Cocktail hour

  • Full reception set up (think multiple stylists creating multiple different reception spaces in a cohesive color pallette) 

  • Meet & mingle with your vendors!

AND THE BEST PART OF ALL?! We're asking all of our atendees to WEAR WHITE! Wedding dress codes and coordination are on the rise and we're digging the vibe. 

Can't make it right at 12? No worries! The show is open from 12-3:30 with the first 30 minutes as a pre-party in our vendor marketplace. All of the experiences will be available to revist at any time! make sure you stay until the end for the fashion experience.

Let's get HITCH'D!

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